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Extend the Boundaries

of human experience

In the race to produce meaningful content with the next generation of technology, Moondog Interactive Studio believes every interaction is part of a story. Our unique approach puts individuals in the middle of a story rather than trying to reinvent the world. In other words, there’s an “I” in “Interactive.”


Faux Reels
immerse yourself in a new world, meet new characters and be part of the story

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Crowd Pleasers
unforgettable memory you only get by being a part of the experience

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Touchy Feely
learn more, play more, do more through real-life, real-time interaction

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Immersive Storytelling

we’re just designed that way

We’ve been doing 3D animation since before it was cool, but even longer than that, we’ve been using technology to communicate and reach people beyond the screen. With storytelling at our core, we bring that passion to our interactive studio to ensure an unforgettable experience.

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Some of Our Work

we think it’s pretty cool

We’ll do our best to show you how interactive all this really is, but you might have to just see and feel for yourself sometime. Hint: Contact Us