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Project Description

United We Stand

Patriots Point

Projection Mapping

Unity Through Experience

What is bigger than projecting video on the side of an aircraft carrier on the Fourth of July?Inspiring unity and hope through a powerful message on a canvas that’s larger than life. This two-sided challenge had its share of complexities — creating a video that inspired unity and hope to a diverse audience and showing it in such a way that you just had to be there to experience it.

Watch Behind the Scenes

Inspire Unity and Hope

Our mission to craft a story around the audience allowed us to go outside the traditional screen. Just projecting on the side of a ship is a technical achievement in itself, but the hero of this story is the American people. A simple apporach would have been a slideshow with inspirational images, but we wanted to create an experience that was larger than the ship. The thousands in attendance got to experience a Fourth of July celebration that not only ended with a bang, but the message of hope and unity resonated long after the final blast.

Go Big or Go Bigger

Leading off for the Fourth of July fireworks show meant we not only had to match the crowd’s expectations, but we needed to blow them away. Although projection mapping has been done many times, projection on the side of an aircraft carrier is kind of a big deal.

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