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Putting the ‘I’ in Interactive

As we explore the next generation of technology, we believe every interaction is part of a story. Our approach puts individuals in the middle of a story rather than trying to reinvent the world. In other words, there’s an “I” in “Interactive.” Human interaction happens on all sorts of levels, from a uniquely personal experience to a shared experience with a massive crowd.

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Get in the Story

Have you ever wanted to do something impossible, be in a cartoon or travel through time? Our goal is to not only create immersive experiences, but to create them in such a way that resonates with people. When you’re a part of a story, you feel a connection that’s unique and unforgettable. This means our interactive experiences start with the story in mind, and the technology is only there to help.

Faux Reels

Virtual | Augmented | Mixed

Immerse Yourself

While personal devices provide immersive realistic or fantasy experiences, we believe it all pivots around a good story. Our faux reels place our users inside a story, where they can be the hero or a supporting role. The applications are endless — from education to entertainment — our audiences see a whole new world through a different lense.

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Crowd Pleasers

Projection | Visualization | Transformation

You Have to Be There

As screens continue to get smaller, it’s technically possible to watch Lawrence of Arabia on your wrist… but seriously, why? Then there are crowd pleasers – the right blend of technology and ambience, personalized for the audience. This leads to an unforgettable memory people only get by being a part of the experience.

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Touchy Feely

Multitouch Displays

Hands-On Interaction

Kids these days and their devices. How do we get them to look up and look around? By meeting them where they are. Technology has advanced so much that human interaction is possible without, uh… humans. Real time interaction is a great way to experience a story, even putting you in the middle of it.

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