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Crowd Pleasers

You Have to Be There

While screens continue to get smaller, it’s technically possible to watch Lawrence of Arabia on your wrist… but seriously, why? Then there are crowd pleasers – the right blend of technology and ambience, personalized for the audience. This leads to an unforgettable memory people only get by being a part of the experience.

Projection Mapping

Flat is So Yesterday

buildings, bridges, boats… anything can be a screen


Projection mapping isn’t just a fancy way to light up a structure. It brings with it an unforgettable experience. We like to take it a step further and tell stories with it and how we can use the backdrop effectively. Throw in some pyrotechnics, smoke and barbecue, and it becomes a party.

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Hard to Imagine

sometimes a picture is worth a million words


Describing something that hasn’t even been made yet can be very difficult. Yet with the right tools and creativity, we can come close to visualizing what could be. That way you can focus on the possibilities and not the logistics.

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Go Anywhere

highly technical, elaborate set designs


If virtual reality is a personal experience, transformation brings about a shared experience. Combining vast knowledge of set design, technology and animated storytelling, perhaps we can go to the moon, explore the depths of the sea or even fight in the Battle of Midway.

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