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Faux Reels

Become Part of the Story

While personal devices provide immersive realistic or fantasy experiences, we believe it all pivots around a good story. Our faux reels place our users inside a story, where they can be the hero or a supporting role. The applications are endless — from education to entertainment — our audiences see a whole new world through a different lense.

Virtual Reality

The Sky is No Longer the Limit

fully enclosed out-of-this-world experience


Virtual reality can take you anwhere, out of this world or places no human can go. You can take that trip to Venice, but why not go to Mars? You can tour your new home that hasn’t been built, or you could relive the industrial revolution. Be a fly on the wall… or fly like a superhero.

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Mixed Reality

Rock Your World

a blend between real and make believe


Mixed reality doesn’t replace your world; it enhances your world. Fly a plane around the office, pretend you’re Tony Stark or have a conversation with your imaginary friends. What if we could put on special glasses and see the world in a brand new way?

Augmented Reality

Window to the Virtual World

augmented reality you hold in your hands


It’s not far fetched anymore for an entire subset of culture to go looking for little cartoon characters that only show up on their phones. Mobile devices can become a looking glass to a reality that never existed until now.