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Our Studio

One of the Coolest Places to Work

We don’t really work in a castle in the middle of the tundra. The commute would be terrible. However, we think our studio is far out, and not because it’s fancy. As an interactive studio, we try our best to have the latest technology laying around… it’s for research and productivity of course. But the real sizzle is that we are first an animation studio, and the combined talent and creativity makes us truly unique, maybe a little weird too. It’s that balance of nerds and artists that make us who we are.

Leadership Characters

Bryan Ransom

Bryan is always running 100 mph as our CEO. He’s developed over 15 different TV series and feature length films. Born and raised in South Carolina, with a degree in Chemical Engineering from NC State University, he uses all his strengths in his role with the mind of an Engineer and the heart of an Artist. His all time favorite animated film is The Incredibles with his most recent favorite being Big Hero 6.

JM Khayat
COO / Studio Director

At age 5, JM knew he was going to grow up to work in animation, and he has fulfilled his childhood dream for more than 28 years. He has built, led, and directed for four studios in France. His most successful projects have included work for France Television, Nickelodeon, Canal+, and Eurosport. JM’s all time favorite animated film is Aladdin, and his most recent favorite is How to Train your Dragon 2.

Ben Davis
CTO / Technology Guru

With education from Ringling College of Art & Design in Florida and a BFA from Ecole Supérieure d’Art in Annecy, France, Ben has more than 16 of experience in animation – including France Télévision, Canal+ and Nickelodeon – with more recent experience in virtual reality. His favorite classic animated film is The Sword and the Stone, and most recently Wreck it Ralph.

Tom Swanson
Executive Producer

Tom is one of the leading funding and sponsorship specialists in the country. In 2005 he executive produced his first full-length feature film, Come Away Home, which won the Best Motion Picture Drama award at the International Family Film Festival. With several films to his credit, e has also created some of the largest integrated marketing campaigns for many Fortune 500 companies.

Who We Are

We’re sleep-deprived workaholics who are addicted to coffee and allergic to light. Come join us! But seriously, folks… while that may be true some of the time, we love what we do and don’t always think of it as work. Research means playing video games and watching cartoons and movies. Reward means finishing a huge project that reaches thousands of people. Recognition means constantly sharpening our skills, because we’re onto something big.

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Our Story

Moondog goes interactive

Moondog Animation Studio started in France and now makes its home in Charleston, South Carolina. While our purpose is to create stories through animated feature films, we can’t help our love of interactive technology. What we have found is a great need for meaningful content for all the latest gadgets. It’s cool and all, but we’re in the people business. So through pure coincidence, we have teamed up with Moondog Media to take on the growing landscape of interactive media while continuing with animation. Our purpose as an interactive sutdio is still great storytelling, but our methods take us to a new frontier.

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